What is Cricduel?

Cricduel is one of India’s fastest growing fantasy cricket platforms where users can compete in fantasy contests with other users for cash prizes daily. Are you ready to duel?

How do I signup for Cricduel?

Simply Download our app from our website and fill out our quick registration page. What are you waiting for?

How many Accounts can I create?

Users may only create one account on Cricduel. Multiple accounts will be blocked immediately upon detection.

What to do if I am having trouble logging in?

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at Support@Cricduel.com or via Whatsapp at +91-7665500224.

What is Cricduel?

Want to win cash daily simply by following your favourite sport? You’re in the right place. Cricduel’s new and improved fantasy gameplay allows users to compete for cash prizes daily by selecting a fixture and picking the best 8 cricketers in our “Options style” Gameplay.

How do I play Cricduel’s new game style?

Follow these simple steps to get ready to win. Select the fixture you wish to participate in and click ‘Create New Team’. Select one player from each of the 8 tiers we offer, then select a captain and vice-captain. Then choose which contests you’d like to enter!

When does fantasy cricket start on Cricduel?

Our regular contests start 45 minutes before the official fixture start times.Our Safe leagues start right at the exact contest start time.

How many changes can I make to my teams?

You can edit your teams as many times as you would like all the way up to the final buzzer 45 minutes before the official fixture start time.

How can I check my team and rank?

You can check your team and all other teams in the ‘Live’ Section of the my contests tab once lineups officially lock 45 minutes before the fixture start time.

Must I first verify to enter contests on Cricduel?

No, You can join contests first and win cash prizes. You must only verify before withdrawing your winnings.

When does PAN card become mandatory for Cricduel?

If your winnings in a single contest on Cricduel exceed Rs. 10,000 PAN card details become necessary for verification.

Are my Bank details mandatory?

No. You can withdraw money via PAYTM at anytime you please.

How do I add money to my account balance?

Click on the deposit button and add money using any of our various trusted payment partners.

What are the four types of balances and what do they mean?

Account balance falls into four categories:Total Balance, Your Winnings (Withdrawable), Unutilized, and Bonus Balance. Total balance is the combined of all your balances. Your winnings is money you have won in contests and can withdraw. Unutilized is money deposited to your account balance that you have not yet used to enter contests. Bonus Balance is money awarded through promotions and bonuses that can be used to enter contests.

How do I withdraw money from my Cricduel account?

You can withdraw money at anytime simply by clicking the withdraw button. Money will be sent to your PAYTM account within 24-48 working hours. If you don’t have PAYTM, contact us to discuss alternative withdraw methods.

Does my Bonus amount expire?

Your Bonus amount expires 90 days after being alloted, so make sure to use it up!

What if my Balance is not accurate?

Please refresh the page. If your balance is still not accurate please contact us so we may sort the issue.

Is playing Cricduel for cash legal in India?

In most states, yes. However, residents of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, and Sikkim may not participate in paid contests for cash.

Im under 18, can I play?

No, Cricduel is diligent in making sure all of its users meet the minimum age requirements to play cash contests.

Do I pay taxes on winnings?

As per the Income Tax Act of 1961, Cricduel will take deduct taxes at the source wherever applicable. Users will be presented with TDS certificates. However, You should be responsible for payment of taxes in all non-TDS cases.